Lindsay Hoffman, Ph.D.

University of Delaware

Address: Suite 190A Graham Hall, University of Delaware

City: Newark, Delaware - 19716

Country: United States

About Me:

Dr. Lindsay Hoffman joined the faculty of the Department of Communication at the University of Delaware in September 2007 after receiving her Ph.D. from The Ohio State University. Her research examines how citizens use internet technology to become engaged with politics and their communities. She also studies individual and contextual effects of media on individuals' perceptions of public opinion; the effects of viewing political satire on knowledge and participation; social capital and communication; and factors leading to public-affairs news use.Dr. Hoffman's research is theoretically grounded in political communication, mass communication, and public opinion. Her work emphasizes both the social circumstances and psychological predispositions that influence individual media uses and effects. Her research also examines the components of mediated messages that encourage individuals to participate in -- or distance themselves from -- political activities such as voting, news viewing, or simply expressing opinion.Dr. Hoffman holds a joint appointment in the Department of Political Science and International Relations, and is the Associate Director of the Center for Political Communication. She is also the Director of the annual National Agenda Speaker Series. She teaches courses in political communication, politics and technology, media effects, and research methods.

Research Interests

Political Communication

Political Participation

Public Opinion

Race, Ethnicity and Politics

Specific Areas of Interest

Media Effects

News Media

New Media

Social Media

Political Communication Online

Countries of Interest

United States