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Livia Schubiger, Ph.D.

Duke University

Country: United States (North Carolina)

About Me:

I am the Douglas and Ellen Lowey Assistant Professor of Political Science at Duke University. Prior to joining Duke, I was an Assistant Professor at the London School of Economics (Department of Government). I was also a post-doctoral researcher at the UZH-ETH Center for Comparative and International Studies (CIS), and a pre-doctoral visiting fellow at the Program on Order, Conflict, and Violence at Yale University. My research examines the short- and long-run consequences of state repression and political violence. I study these relationships with a particular focus on insurgent organizations and civilian communities. My work also investigates the role of non-state actors in the provision and transformation of political order, the intersections of political violence and organized crime, and the micro-foundations of inter-group solidarity and conflict.

Research Interests

Conflict Processes & War

Crime Politics

Political Violence

Human Rights


Armed Conflict

Organized Crime



Experimental Research