Liza Mügge, Ph.D.

University of Amsterdam

Country: Netherlands

About Me:

Trained in political science and anthropology, feminist, international oriented citizen of Amsterdam

Research Interests

European Politics

Gender and Politics

Immigration & Citizenship

Race, Ethnicity and Politics

Representation and Electoral Systems

Specific Areas of Interest


Ethnic Politics


Cultural Diversity

Women's Political Representation

Women And Politics

Countries of Interest






My Research:

I am an associate professor in political science and director of the Amsterdam Research Centre for Gender & Sexuality at the University of Amsterdam. In 2017 I co-founded the European Journal of Politics & Gender of which I am currently lead editor. My research and expertise concern political equality, diversity and representation. I just completed a 3-year research project on diversity in Dutch politics (1986-2016) in which I studied patterns for inclusion and exclusion of Members of Parliament with a migration background. In my new  5-year project I will study how minority politicians and citizens themselves believe personal identities should be represented in politics. Do their expectations and assessments of representation diverge or overlap? As PI I will lead a team of a PhD-reseracher and a Post-doc to study these questions in Germany, France and the Netherlands.

Media Appearances:

TV Appearances:

(2017) BBC World

For the BBC I have commented on the Dutch election results


(2017) Universiteit van Nederland/

In this video published on a major Dutch news website I explain why there are so few women in Dutch politics

(2017) Facebook campaign

This video is part of an online campaign initiated by the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations to encourage youngsters to vote. I give a short presentation about the first woman MP in Dutch parliament