Lynette Ong, Ph.D.

University of Toronto

Country: Canada (Ontario)

About Me:

I am Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Toronto, with joint appointment at the Asian Institute and the Munk School of Global Affairs. I was An Wang Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University’s Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies in 2008-09.I am an expert in the politics and political economy of China. I also have expertise in Southeast Asia, particularly Singapore and Malaysia, where I grew up. My research interests are authoritarian politics, contentious politics and the political economy of development.My journal publications have appeared or are forthcoming in Perspectives on Politics, Comparative Politics, International Political Science Review, China Quarterly, China Journal, among others.My recent writings are on the subject of state control and citizen activism in China, specifically the government’s effort to maintain social stability.My book, Prosper or Perish: Credit and Fiscal Systems in Rural China was published by Cornell University Press in 2012. It is the first book in the field to highlight the perils of mounting local government debt and non-sustainability of the “China model”. Written in the late 2000s, the book underscores many political-economic issues currently facing China, such as rising debt levels, and over-reliance on banking resources to finance local infrastructure spending. 

Research Interests

Asian Politics


Human Rights

Non-Democratic Regimes

Political Violence

Post-Communist Politics

Specific Areas of Interest

Democratization And Authoritarianism

Social Movements

Political Participation

Protest Politics

State Capacity

Countries of Interest