Malliga Och, Ph.D.

Idaho State University

Country: United States (Idaho)

Research Interests

Gender and Politics

European Politics

Human Rights

Representation and Electoral Systems

Asian Politics

Specific Areas of Interest

Women And Politics

Conservative Women


Feminist Policy Studies

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United Kingdom

United States


Journal Articles:

(2008) “Talking about my Generation and Class? Unpacking the Descriptive Representation of Women in Asian Parliaments.”, elsevier

Tags: Asian Politics, Gender and Politics, Comparative Political Institutions

Since women (like men) differ in their interests and perspectives, we argue, that studies of the descriptive representation of women in politics ought to consider not only how many women are elected, but also which segments of the female population are proportionally represented and under-represented. Applying this framework to new data on the demographic characteristics of over 4000 members of parliament from sixteen countries in Asia, we find female MPs typically unrepresentative of their country's female populations at the pivotal intersections of social class and generation. With few exceptions, the majority of women (those who are young, elderly, in working-class occupations, and with average levels of education) are highly under-represented despite considerable variation across countries in electoral systems, quotas for female representation, and levels of socio-economic development. These findings raise interesting questions and offer new avenues for future research on the descriptive representation and substantive representation of women in politics.

Books Written:

(2018) The Right Women Republican Party Activists, Candidates, and Legislators, Praeger

Tags: Gender and Politics, Political Parties and Interest Groups, Legislative Politics

with Shauna Shames. Democrats now have three times as many women in office as the GOP. What are the barriers to Republican women's advancement, both within the party and beyond?

Book Chapters:

(2018) “The Feminization of the Grand Old Party?”, Praeger

Tags: Gender and Politics, Political Parties and Interest Groups

Discusses the attempts of the GOP to attract female voters.

Book Reviews:

(2017) Review of Out of the Running: Why Millennials Reject Political Careers and Why It Matters, Taylor & Francis

Tags: Gender and Politics, Race, Ethnicity and Politics

Book Review of Out of the Running: Why Millennials Reject Political Careers and Why It Matters


(2016) Where Women Win, Hunt Alternatives

Tags: Gender and Politics, Elections, Election Administration, and Voting Behavior

After Political Parity released its groundbreaking “Twin States” research in 2013, revealing the phenomenon that states with one woman in a top office are more likely to elect other high-level women, we wondered if this was true at the congressional level as well.

(2015) Clearing the Primary Hurdles. Republican Women and the GOP Gender Gap, Hunt Alternatives

Tags: Gender and Politics, Political Parties and Interest Groups

We worked with some of the nation’s top political consultants, pollsters, and researchers to understand why Democratic women are elected to Congress at far greater rates than their Republican counterparts.

Media Appearances:

TV Appearances:

(2017) Pocatello Community Media

“Alternative Gift Market”, Main Street News & Views,

Radio Appearances:

(2017) KISU Public Radio

“Know your Media” Show co-host, This program is dedicated to critically examining the media and how to be responsible consumers of information and conscientious citizens. Each week, we will invite guests on to the show to discuss contemporary issues and how to navigate the complex webs of information and entertainment in which we are immersed.

Blog Posts:

(2017) The Conversation

Macron and Trudeau shouldn’t be so proud of appointing women to their Cabinets.

(2017) The Conversation

(with Jennifer Piscopo) Marine Le Pen didn’t win over women. Can anyone on the far right?

(2017) Huffington Post

(with Shauna Shames) Marching Beyond Red vs. Blue.

(2017) Duck of Minerva

(with Jennifer Piscopo) From the Stove to the Frontlines? Gender and Populism in Latin American and Western Europe. 2017/01/wptpn-from-the-stove-to-the-frontlines-gender-and-populism-in-latin-american-and-western-europe.html


(2014) Vote, Run Lead National Training

Trainer for panel: “Real Talk. Get and Use the Facts.”

(2014) Raising Ms. President Google Hangout

“Post Midterm Election Analysis.” Raising Ms. President Google Hangout