Marij Swinkels, Ph.D. Candidate

Utrecht University

Address: Bijlhouwerstraat 6

City: Utrecht - 3511ZC

Country: Netherlands

About Me:

I am a PhD candidate and lecturer at the Utrecht School of Governance, Utrecht University. In my PhD, I focus on European political leaders during the Eurozone crisis and try to understand how they advocate for certain economic ideas during the crisis, and how this impacts policy making. As a lecturer, I am involved in courses on political leadership, policy analysis and introduction to public administration. Furthermore, I founded a project in 2016 to increase access to higher education for refugee students, inclUUsion. Now in our third year, over 450 refugees participated in Utrecht University courses for free. 

Research Interests

European Politics

Political Psychology


Text as Data

Political Communication

Political Elites

European Leadership

Cognitive Mapping

Automated Text Analysis


Countries of Interest




Media Appearances:

Radio Appearances:

(2018) Radio 1

Interview about my research on Dutch national radio: where do leaders such as Angela Merkel and Mark Rutte get their ideas from?