Marion Messmer, Ph.D. Candidate

King's College London

Country: United Kingdom (England)

About Me:

I am a security policy expert with a focus on best practice in conflict resolution, the role of trust in cooperation and arms control and disarmament. I work as a Nuclear Policy Analyst at the London-based disarmament think tank BASIC and am a PhD candidate in the School of Security Studies at King's College London. My PhD research focuses on the role of trust in cooperation between NATO and Russia after the Cold War.I have given media interviews for TV and radio before and am happy to be contacted for media appearances. My areas of expertise include European & Transatlantic security, NATO, EU security policy and relations with Russia.

Research Interests

Conflict Processes & War

Foreign Policy

Political Psychology

Nuclear Weapons

Trust In IR


Russia=NATO Relations

Countries of Interest




United States

United Kingdom

My Research:

Russia and NATO after the end of the Cold War: a failure of trust building?This research project examines the question as to why the different cooperation efforts between NATO and Russia after the end of the Cold War did not lead to lasting trust between the actors despite having been a genuine and deliberate attempt at building trust. For this end, I will use a selection of case studies from three different areas of cooperation: platforms for dialogue, military and non-military cooperation. Cases will be analysed using a trust framework with which I will be able to ascertain the point at which trust building efforts were unsuccessful. This dissertation contains several original contributions to international relations research: it provides an empirical contribution to the largely theoretical literature on trust building. It also analyses several under-analysed cases of cooperation between NATO and Russia, turning the lens away from conflict to cooperation.