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Meaghan Edwards, Ph.D. Candidate

University of Waterloo

Country: Canada (Ontario)

Research Interests

Class, Inequality, and Labor Politics

Canadian Politics

Gender and Politics

Research Methods & Research Design

Public Policy

Foreign Policy



Biopolitical Governance

Countries of Interest


United Kingdom

United States


Book Reviews:

(2019) Julian Go, Postcolonial thought and social theory, Canadian Journal of Sociology

In Post Colonial Thought and Social Theory, Go presents a postcolonial challenge to social theory and sociology’s understanding of the social. Go combines postcolonial thought, which is embodied in the works of Spivak, Said and W.E.B. Du Bois, with sociology’s theoretical roots. He does this to illustrate the impact the imperial episteme still has on the epistemological foundation of contemporary sociology, and therefore the knowledge in which it produces. The purpose of the book, according to Go, is not to tear down sociology so that it is no longer a functioning discipline. But rather, to provide an alternative to discovering knowledge that incorporates more than one theory, and more than one way of knowing. As Go persuasively argues, if sociology fails to incorporate postcolonial theory into its mainstream modes of thinking, it is at risk of losing relevance during a time when epistemological challenges are reshaping ways of knowing. To avoid this, Go explores an epistemic project for the social sciences, which he calls the ‘third wave of postcolonial thought’.