Michelle Egan, Ph.D.


American University

Country: United States (District of Columbia)

About Me:

Michelle Egan is a Professor in the School of International Service, American University and Global fellow, WIlson Center, a non-partisan think tank in DC. She works on a variety of topics including European politics, EU, EU law, single market, trade, transatlantic relations, and Brexit. She has published a number of books and articles related to these issues, and is currently working on a book project on trade and federalism. She has been a commentator on various panels at German Marshall Fund, Wilson Center, and Cato, and has appeared on various media outlets including NPR, CSpan, Canadain Public Radio, and Sirius Radio.

Research Interests

European Politics

Political Economy

International Law & Organization

Public Policy

Specific Areas of Interest


Trade Agreements

Trade Policy

European Union

Federalism, Regionalism, Decentralization