Mona Kleinberg, Ph.D.

University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Country: United States (Massachusetts)

Research Interests

Experimental Research

Gender and Politics

Political Communication

Political Psychology

Public Opinion

Race, Ethnicity and Politics


Political Knowledge

Gender And Opinion

Race And Politics

Countries of Interest

United States

My Research:

I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts in Lowell. I study American politics with a focus on public opinion and political psychology. My primary research interest is the internet. Individuals learn about politics from the media. But, do people bother processing information they can easily look up? My secondary research area examines the political effects of race and gender on public opinion. How people think of women and minorities and their role and place in society affects a wide range of policy domains, even if these policies seemingly have nothing to do with women or minorities. Lastly, I offer expertise in polling and experimental methodology. Google Scholar