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Nancy Lind, Ph.D.

Illinois State University

Country: United States (Illinois)

About Me:

Has PhD in Political Science from the University of Minnesota with specialties in Public Administration and Policy, American Bureaucracy, and American Government/Politics.  Has shih tzu dogs trained as therapy dogs.  

Research Interests

Public Administration


Street-level Bureaucracy

Budgets And Taxes

Political Accountability


Countries of Interest

United States

My Research:

Primarily into editing books at this time.  Expertise in Public Administration and Public Policy with foci on Criminal Justice, Health Policy, Corruption and Accountability, and Governance. 


Books Written:

(2017) Corruption, Accountability and Discretion, Emerald

The corruption of public officials in the United States and its corrosive impact on public policy, political stability and democratic institutions, earns it a spot among the most critical public crises of the last decade. There have been scandals involving elected officials across the political spectrum from local elected officials up to the White House, involving conflicts of interest, campaign fundraising and political elections.

(2016) Today's Economic Issues: Democrats and Republicans, ABCCLIO

This volume answers this question in a thorough, nonpartisan, and evenhanded fashion. • Examines the degree to which the behavior of the parties—the laws they pass and oppose—actually match their stated policy positions.

(2015) Privacy in the Digital Age: 21st Century Challenges to the Fourth Amendment., Praeger

Organized by hot-button topics confronting U.S. citizens in the post-9/11 era, the work reviews the original intent of the Fourth Amendment and then traces the development and erosion of interpretations of that amendment in the 21st century. Topical essays offer a comprehensive treatment and understanding of current Fourth Amendment issues, including those that have been brought before the courts and those relative to the continuing governmental and societal emphasis on security and public safety since the Columbine shootings in 1999 and the events of September 11, 2001.

(2012) Governing Illinois, 4th edition, University of Illinois

Reference book on all aspects of State of Illinois government

(2012) First Amendment Rights, ABCCLIO

First Amendment Rights: An Encyclopedia provides both historical information and current, 21st-century topics in First Amendment issues. Volume 1 addresses the subject through the lens of past decisions and precedent, updated to include controversies between new social media and civil liberties. Volume 2 examines the current state of First Amendment rights, addressing the changes in interpretations of the First Amendment by the Roberts Court as well as in-vogue issues such as Occupy Movements as well as student rights and responsibilities in freedom of religion and speech cases. Key cases are highlighted throughout the text to further comprehension of the underlying issues and subtle complexities.

(2011) e-Government: The Use of ICTs in Administration, Teneo

With governments now expected to make a strong web presence, it is important that students of public policy and administration gain insights and skills in this area. Lind and Otenyo provide a text in this area, address the use, potential, laws, and issues related to the emerging government use of the electronic media.

(2009) The First World Presidency: George H.W. Bush, Teneo

The First World Presidency presents one piece of the global debate on America's leadership, especially the U.S. presidency on the world stage. The authors pose that if the Reagan presidency created conditions for the collapse of widespread Communism, then the succeeding George H. W. Bush administration was the first real world presidency. For the first time in recent world history, the president of a single country was presented with an unprecedented opportunity to shape world politics.

(2007) Controversies of the George W. Bush Presidency, Greenwood

The George W. Bush administration has become one of the most controversial in American history. The president that once enjoyed a post-9/11 astronomical approval rating of 88 percent ranked almost as low in his second term as any president in history. Throughout the social security and stem-cell research debates, the Enron trial, the Patriot Act, the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal, No Child Left Behind, and the administration's lackluster response to Hurricane Katrina, George Bush's presidency has been white-hot controversial, Fueling the controversies have been Bush's speeches and public statements (axis of evil, mission accomplished, etc.). This volume is packed with primary-document excerpts from presidental speeches, public statements, and letters, and from opposing congressional arguments—an excellent resource for helping students understand events that will affect the U.S. for years to come.

(2007) Dynamics of Social Welfare Policy, Rowman Littlefield

This book examines ten key issues―poverty, housing, taxation and the economy, child welfare, education, health, criminal justice, civil rights, and global issues―confronting social work professionals and places them in their larger context. The introduction to each issue identifies its genesis or the reasons that the issue became a dominant theme in the policymaking agendas of Congress. The second and third sections of each issue provide actual arguments written and spoken by elected officials, both in the U.S. Congress and the Presidency, representing liberal versus conservative viewpoints on the issues.

(2006) Comparative Public Administration, elsevier

Comparative public administration is a branch of public administration that focuses on comparative analysis of administrative processes and institutions. The comparative approach has been around since the inception of government. As a specialized field of interest, the significance of comparison cannot be accurately traced to a single event or country. What we know is that early scholarly work in the parent field drew upon knowledge and perspectives with cross-national origins.

(2001) Presidents from Reagan Through Clinton, 1981-2001, Greenwood

This one-stop resource for debating the central issues that shaped the Reagan, Bush, and Clinton presidencies provides the text of pro and con primary documents from the presidents and their opponents, plus helpful analysis to put the issues in context. With this work, students will be able to debate the issues and apply critical thinking skills to their understanding of contemporary American politics and government. The work examines a set of issues and initiatives central to each president's time in office and presents issue-specific introductions that place the issues in political context.

(1999) Violence and Its Alternatives, St Martins

The proliferation of violence is arguably one of the most crucial topics of concern in an era of ethnic wars on one hand, and cultural debates about what constitutes violence in arenas of pornography, nationalism, race relations, the media, even environmental issues on the other. Violence and its Alternatives fills the existing gap in the literature on violence with a collection of essays from the most influential writers in the fields of politics, psychology, sociology, gender studies, and race studies. Methodologically diverse and intellectually wide-ranging, it appeals alike to specialists, students, and an interested public.