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Nicole Drumhiller, Ph.D.

American Public University System

Country: United States (West Virginia)

About Me:

I'm the Associate Dean in the School of Security and Global Studies at the American Public University System (American Public University | American Military University).

Research Interests

Foreign Policy

Nuclear Weapons

Non-Democratic Regimes


Political Psychology

Leadership Profiling

Extreme Group Behavior

Cult Behavior

My Research:

My research focuses on looking at both groups and individuals in a variety of settings and covers the areas of political psychology, intelligence, security studies, and international relations.  In particular, I am interested in research related to leadership personality and decision-making, and its impact on group behavior.  One of my lines of research has focused on the characteristics of physicians who become political dictators or “doctators.”  A portion of this work was presented along-side a collaborator at the International Society of Political Psychology, and a paper on François Duvalier, doctator of Haiti, is currently in press with a peer-reviewed journal.  Broadening my work to the group level, I’m also actively engaged in research that looks at the behavior of groups within the animal and environmental extremist movement, and am also working on project looking at political and religious cult behavior.  As part of this line of research I have previously published work within the American Intelligence Journal on cult formation and violence specific to the Soldiers of Heaven in Iraq.  Finally, I have an interest in technological advancement specific to cyber, and weapons of mass destruction with a recent co-edited book entitled Issues in Maritime Cyber Security.