Nikki Soo, Ph.D.

The University of Manchester

Country: United Kingdom (England)

About Me:

I am a political communication researcher with a wide range of interests, especially how digital tools are integrated in society, media and culture. I am currently Research Associate at the University of Manchester on a project that examines knowledge gaps and the role of public service broadcasters in the era of misinformation.I earned my PhD in Politics at Royal Holloway's New Political Communication Unit in 2018, where I investigated contemporary British MP constituency activities. I also produce and edit the department's podcasts, pirwired and npcwired.I am interested in tackling social inequalities, such as access to information and education, implemented through creative and sustainable solutions. I have previous experience in think tanks, third sector organisations and consultancies in Asia and the UK.

Research Interests

Political Communication

Elections, Election Administration, and Voting Behavior