Quinn Mulroy, Ph.D.


Northwestern University

Address: Northwestern University

City: Evanston, Illinois - 60208

Country: United States

About Me:

Quinn Mulroy is a political scientist whose work engages central questions in the subfields of social policy, law and society, inequality, political institutions, and American political development. At its core, her research agenda centers substantively on the study of inequality (racial, economic, and gender) through the lens of the policies, state-society relationships, and political institutions that can reinforce and/or challenge its persistence in American politics. Using a mixed set of methodological approaches - including historical analyses of archival materials, ethnographic observation, interviewing, survey experiments, and statistical examinations of quantitative data – she is engaged in several ongoing projects exploring the political development of social policy addressing inequality and the often informal, hidden, and unintended modes of enforcement crafted by those who implement it.

Research Interests


Gender and Politics

Public Policy

Race, Ethnicity and Politics

Environmental Policy

Judicial Politics

Law And Courts

Private Litigation

Employment Discrimination

Housing Discrimination

Title IX Enforcement

Countries of Interest

United States