Rachel Strohm, Ph.D. Candidate


University of California, Berkeley

City: Nairobi

Country: Kenya

About Me:

I'm a PhD candidate in political science at Berkeley.  My research focuses on elite cohesion and statebuilding in postcolonial countries.  I'm interested in thinking rigorously about how to learn from cross-regional comparisons, and how we can generalize about complex findings in the social sciences.I'm also co-founder and chair of the board at the Mawazo Institute, which helps East African women launch careers as scholars and policy experts.  I'm passionate about amplifying the voices of African researchers and using research to improve public policy.I've previously worked as a research manager for Innovations for Poverty Action in the US and Ghana, and consulted on microfinance and social enterprise in the DRC and Rwanda.  I have an MA in international relations from SAIS, and a BA in geography and French from Dartmouth

Research Interests

African Politics