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Rebecca Fradkin, Ph.D.


Graduate Student

University of Oxford

Year of PhD: 2019

Address: University of Oxford

City: Oxford, England

Country: United Kingdom

About Me:

Rebecca Fradkin is an expert on authoritarian regimes, religion and politics, and the former Soviet Union. Rebecca Fradkin received her PhD at the University of Oxford in the Department of Politics and International Relations. Her doctoral thesis, Authoritarian Regimes and the Co-optation of Islam: Kazakhstan and Russia, examined how and why national and sub-national authoritarian regimes with Muslim majorities co-opt Islam and how ordinary citizens perceive these efforts. Rebecca also previously earned her master’s from Oxford in Comparative Politics. She holds three Bachelor of Arts degrees in: Political Science (Diplomacy and Global Politics); Comparative Religion; and Russian, Eurasian and Eastern European Studies from Miami University of Ohio. While at Miami, Rebecca was a Junior Fellow at the Havighurst Center for Russian and Post-Soviet Studies, one of the foremost centers for research on contemporary Russia.

Research Interests

Religion & Politics

Post-Communist Politics

Non-Democratic Regimes

Comparative Political Institutions

Authoritarian Politics

Subnational Authoritarianism



Countries of Interest



Former Soviet Union