Regula Hänggli Fricker, Ph.D.

University of Fribourg

Country: Switzerland

About Me:

Regula Hänggli is a professor specialized in political communication at the University of Fribourg (Switzerland). Hänggli holds a PhD in Political Science and an M.A. in Political Science (major subject), and Economics (minor subject) from the University of Berne. During fall term 2018, Hänggli is a visiting scholar at the ETH in Zurich. Before coming to Fribourg, she was an assistant professor at Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASCoR). In 2008/ 2009 Hänggli was a visiting scholar at the Northwestern University, Evanston/USA visiting Prof. Dr. James Druckman.

Research Interests

Political Communication

Issue Framing


Challenges To Democracy

Countries of Interest


My Research:

Her research interests include political communication in a comparative perspective, institutional reforms, and societal impact of technological change. Her work deals with media & democracy, digitalization, opinion formation, and the origin of dialogue. She is also a member of a federal expert group addressing the digital transformation of our society.