Rosalie Rubio, Ph.D. Candidate

George Washington University

Country: United States (District of Columbia)

About Me:

I am a PhD student at George Washington University (major: Comparative Politics, minor: Quantitative Research Methods). My research focuses on the ways in which the War on Terror and various counterterrorism strategies have shaped state-society relations in the Middle East with a special emphasis on Jordan. I am a Boren fellow and will conduct fieldwork in Jordan from 2018-2019. I am an APSA Minority Fellow (2017-2018 Spring Cycle) and received a FLAS scholarship to study Arabic in Jordan in the summer of 2016. 

Research Interests


Middle East & North African Politics

Public Opinion

Non-Democratic Regimes

Counterterrorism And Counterinsurgency

Public Attitude/opinion

State-society Relations

Political Violence

Middle East Studies

Countries of Interest