Sarah Bermeo, Ph.D.

Duke University

Country: United States (North Carolina)

About Me:

Sarah Bermeo (PhD Princeton, 2008) is associate professor of public policy and political science in the Sanford School at Duke University, and associate director of the Duke Center for International Development. Her research lies at the intersection of international relations and development, with a particular focus on relations between industrialized and developing countries. Her book, Targeted Development: Industrialized Country Strategy in a Globalizing World (Oxford, 2018), demonstrates that the desire to limit negative spillovers leads industrialized states to allocate foreign aid, trade agreements, and climate finance across developing countries in a development-oriented, but also self-interested, manner. Her new book project, Complementary Multilateralism, examines the international development regime with a focus on institutional design. Bermeo has published articles in International Organization, Journal of Politics, and World Development. She blogs on Brookings Future Development. Her commentary on Central America has been carried on media outlets around the world.

Research Interests


Foreign Aid

Foreign Policy

Central America