Sarah Parkinson, Ph.D.

Johns Hopkins University

City: Washington, District of Columbia

Country: United States

Research Interests

Conflict Processes & War

Middle East & North African Politics


Political Violence

Research Methods & Research Design

Networks And Politics


Natural Disasters

Gender & Military

Militant/Military Organizations

Refugee Health

Countries of Interest




Media Appearances:

Radio Appearances:

(2019) The World Today (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Interview regarding women members and affiliates of Islamic State

(2013) Minnesota Public Radio

A panel discussion sponsored by the University of Minnesota's Human Rights Program and the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, "Countering Mass Atrocities in Syria: Between Human Rights Ideals and Geo-political Concerns."

Newspaper Quotes:

(2019) Middle East Eye

Quoted on politics surrounding US humanitarian aid in the Middle East

(2018) El Mercurio

Quoted on potential ceasefire in Syria