Saskia Bonjour, Ph.D.

University of Amsterdam

Country: Netherlands

Research Interests

Immigration & Citizenship

Gender and Politics

Race, Ethnicity and Politics


Judicial Politics

European Politics

European Union

Family Migration

Civic Integration Policies


Countries of Interest




My Research:

I am assistant professor in political science. I teach mostly in the field of gender & politics and intersectionality. My research focuses on the politics of migration and citizenship in the Netherlands and in Europe. I am especially interested in family migration, civic integration, gender and migration, and Europeanisation. I have published about diverse aspects of migration politics, including the impact of law and courts, Europeanisation, party politics, and the impact of news media on policymaking. The core question driving my research is how political and policy actors define identities and communities, that is how they distinguish between ‘us’ and ‘them’. I study how these actors define criteria of membership as well as the rights and resources which flow from different degrees of membership and deservingness, and thus what it means to belong. A crucial line of inquiry in my work is the relation between the politics of intimacy and the politics of belonging, i.e. the way in which gender and family norms shape the politics of migration and citizenship.