Seulgie Claire Lim, Ph.D. Candidate

Boston University

Country: United States (Massachusetts)

About Me:

My name is Seulgie (Claire) Lim and I am currently a PhD candidate in political science at Boston University, MA. When I am not stressing out writing and finishing my disseration, I pretend to do other productive things, such as exercising (running) and knitting, as well as other non-productive things, such as watching Netflix and/or listening to podcasts. 

Research Interests

African Politics

Comparative Political Institutions

Gender and Politics

Religion & Politics

Human Rights

Gender Quotas

Gender Parity


Countries of Interest


My Research:

My research is on the gender parity law in Senegal, which was voted in 2010 and which allowed women to take over 40% of the seats in the national assembly. My dissertation focuses on the consequences of this law in the country, mostly at the societal level, while trying to place the law and the movement that led to it in the bigger framework of a feminist discourse.