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Teresa Cornacchione, Ph.D.

Florida State University

Country: United States (Florida)

About Me:

Post-Doctoral Scholar at FSU. I tuaght high school for 9 years prior to pursuing my doctorate. I currently teach Western European politics and Women and Politics.

Research Interests

Gender and Politics

Political Parties and Interest Groups

Public Opinion

European Politics

Comparative Political Institutions

European Union

Comparative Political Behavior

Countries of Interest

United States


United Kingdom


My Research:

I earned my PhD from Florida State University in 2018. I am serving as a post-doctoral scholar there for the 2018-2019 academic year. Interested in anti-establishment and radical right wing parties, public opinion, female legislative behavior, and female political recruitment. My dissertation develps a measurement scheme for anti-establishment parties. I currently have projects under review examining support for EU economic reform, female MEP behavior, vote choice for anti-establishment parties, anti-establishment legislative behavior, and Europeans' attitudes toward immigration.