Toni Haastrup, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

University of Stirling

Year of PhD: 2011

Address: University of Stirling, Pathfo

City: Bridge of Allan, Scotland - FK9 4LA

Country: United Kingdom

About Me:

Toni Haastrup (PHD, University of Edinburgh) is Professor in International Politics at the University of Stirling. Her research is concerned with the global governance of security primarily through the practices of regional security institutions. Her current research explores the implementation practices of the Women, Peace and Security agenda at regional level and its implications in the Global South, and critical interrogations of ‘feminist’ foreign policy. Additionally, she researches the gendered implications of Brexit on the UK and the EU. Her research has been published in international peer reviewed journals like Journal of European Integration; International Negotiation; International Feminist Journal of Politics; Foreign Policy Analysis among others. She is the author of Charting Transformation through Security: Contemporary EU-Africa Relations (Palgrave 2013). Haastrup is currently  the Secretary of the British International Studies Association and co-convener of the Gendering European Studies Research Network. Haastrup is an occasional media commentator and has written for public outlets like Foreign Policy, Newsweek, and The Scotsman.

Research Interests

European Politics

Gender and Politics

African Politics


Comparative Regionalism

Feminist Security Studies

European Union

African Union

Feminist Foreign Policy

Human Security

Women, Peace, Security


Diversity/Higher Education

Higher Education

My Research:

There are two streams to my current research: The first examines the implementation practices of the global normative framework, Women, Peace and Security agenda at particularly at regional level and in the Global South. The second focuses on the gendered implications of Brexit on the UK and the EU.This research agenda draw on feminist approaches to political science and international relations, including security, and peace studies.

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