Victoria Chonn Ching, Ph.D. Candidate

Graduate Student

University of Southern California

Country: United States (California)

Research Interests

Political Economy


Public Policy

Foreign Policy

Latin American And Caribbean Politics

Non-Democratic Regimes

Emerging Economies

Trade Policy

Foreign Investment

Economic Statecraft

China-Latin American Relations

My Research:

I focus on the fields of International Political Economy and Comparative Politics. My research examines how developing countries can adapt to the rise of China in the global economy, and I use Latin America as my main setting and Peru as my main case study. In my dissertation, I argue that a small country like Peru can showcase agency and shape the outcomes of its interactions with a powerful economy like China. I am also interested in the analysis of economic development patterns and growth in developing countries and emerging economies. 


Journal Articles:

(2018) "Conceptualizing China-Latin America Relations in the Twenty-First Century: the Boom, the Bust, and the Aftermath," with Dr. Carol Wise, The Pacific Review

Despite the emergence of a rich literature on the rise of China in Latin America (LAC) since 2000, we are still grappling with this phenomenon. In this article we seek to theorize this expanding South–South relationship from two vantage points. First, from the perspective of China, we argue that, by necessity, the PRC has had to internationalize its development strategy in order to compensate for its serious natural resource deficit, feed the world's largest domestic population, and fuel the soon-to-be largest economy in the world. LAC has been just one slice of China's ‘go out’ strategy. Our second perspective probes the effect of China's entry into the region. Through the lens of development economics, we identify three separate political economy scenarios that have been accentuated within those countries that have the strongest economic ties with China. We rely on measures of institutional performance and macro-economic trends to illustrate the variable effects of China on LAC.

Book Chapters:

(2017) “Chinese Investment in Peru’s Mining Industry: Blessing or Curse?” with Dr. Cynthia Sanborn, in China and Sustainable Development in Latin America: The Social and Environmental Dimension, Anthem Press

In this chapter, we analyze the developmental and environmental effects of Chinese investment in Peru’s extractive industries. We show that while some Chinese firms can adhere to labor and environmental standards in Peru, it depends on the host country to hold China accountable in the enforcement of these standards.