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Wei-Ting Yen, Ph.D. Candidate

Ohio State University, Columbus

City: Columbus, Ohio

Country: United States

Research Interests

Political Economy

Asian Politics

Class, Inequality, and Labor Politics

Public Policy

Specific Areas of Interest

Welfare State

Preferences For Redistribution

Social Policies

Media Appearances:

Blog Posts:

(2017) Monkey Cage

The Taiwanese see themselves as Taiwanese, not as Chinese

(2015) Monkey Cage

Taiwan and mainland China in talks? Here are the 5 things you need to know about what Taiwanese people are thinking.


(2014) Popular Science Website: Who Governs Taiwan

I am the co-founder/co-editor of the popular science website “Who Governs Taiwan (菜市場政治學)” (in Chinese), the purpose of which is to use plain language to explain and to promote political science knowledge to the general public in the Chinese-speaking world. In September 2016, we reached our 1 million viewership.